【World Life】とは?


World Lifeな生活

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Have you ever tried using or chatting with ChatGPT? I did, and it surprised me by making clever puns. I was so impressed that I even asked it to create a brand new way of expressing sounds in English.

My Prompt:
I wanted to find a way to describe invisible (mental) states using English, while imitating how the Japanese language does it. In Japanese, they use words like “DONDON” or “GUNGUN” to show fast and continuous progress or advancement. For example, in English, we might say, “He is making rapid progress in English” to mean the same thing. However, I challenged ChatGPT to come up with something like “DDDDDDDDD” to represent this idea, even though it might not be quite right. Basically, I wanted to describe the state of quick and continuous progress in anything using sounds and the letters of the English alphabet, just like a native English speaker would.

To my surprise, the AI’s suggestions were pretty ordinary and not very exciting. It said things like using “PPPPpppppppp” to describe popcorn popping or a ball bouncing. It even suggested “Sh-sh-sh-sh-sh-sh-sh” for a snake hissing or a rocket flying. I couldn’t help but think that these ideas were something even kids in junior high school could easily come up with.

Even though the AI’s responses were a bit dull, I found it interesting in a different way. Maybe it was because they were simple and predictable. It’s possible that I expected too much, or maybe my question could have been better to get more exciting answers.

Anyway, let’s continue chatting with AI and learn how to make our conversations more enjoyable and useful. Together, we can discover new ways to make the most of our interactions.