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Hey there,

I want to talk to you about something important: the Osaka Expo. You might have heard people discussing whether it should happen or not. But there’s something even more important to think about: what good could come from it if it does happen?

Sometimes, when big events like this are planned, people forget to look at the bigger picture. They don’t stop to think about whether it’s worth it or not. This happens not just with expos, but with other big projects too, like building new roads. Have you ever seen a brand new road that no one really uses? That’s an example of money not being spent wisely.

So why does this happen? Well, I think it’s because the people in charge don’t always have the right incentives. You see, politicians and government workers often get paid the same amount no matter how well they do their jobs. This doesn’t really make sense, does it? Imagine if you got the same amount of money no matter how hard you worked in school. That wouldn’t be fair, right?

In Singapore, they’ve come up with a better way. They tie the bonuses for government officials to how well the country is doing. For example, they look at things like how much better off the poorest people are and how the economy is doing. This encourages them to do a better job because their pay depends on it.

I think this is a good idea and more countries should do the same. After all, the future of democracy depends on it. Some countries have been falling behind or staying stagnant economically because their leaders aren’t doing a good job. Meanwhile, countries like China and Russia, which aren’t democracies, are doing better. That’s not right, is it?

Now, let’s talk about teachers. Like government workers, they often get paid the same no matter how well they teach. But shouldn’t good teachers be rewarded for their hard work? I think so. That’s why I believe teachers’ pay should be partly based on how satisfied their students are. It’s not always easy to measure, but asking students for feedback can help.

I remember asking my students how they felt about my classes, and I wished my pay could reflect when they said they were happy with my classes. It’s only fair, don’t you think?

So, as we talk about big events like the Osaka Expo and fairness in pay, let’s remember to think about the bigger picture and what’s really important.