【World Life】とは?


World Lifeな生活

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I read a book about English poetry, where I found the following comment by the author:
Some poems express what cannot be easily conveyed by spoken words, what might be better left not uttered, or what you almost hesitate to translate into words in the first place.

That made me realize that I had been trying to read all kinds of English texts simply by reading aloud, energetically, in a very loud voice, and that that was a great mistake.

This must have been due to the book I read years ago. It’s a book written by Masao Kunihiro, a pioneer of simultaneous translation in Japan in those days, when Apollo made a historic landing on the moon. He encouraged English learners and students to read English texts aloud, like religious ascetics trying to be enlightened, ignoring all other considerations, simply and whole-heartedly absorbed in the vocal reading itself. I became one of his devout believers.

But now I feel liberated from this one-sided unnatural prejudice:that is,  the louder and the more energetically you read English, the better.

Needless to say, your voice will change in terms of volume and energy according to the material at hand, if you are to sound natural at all.

I want to celebrate with you this feeling of liberation.