【World Life】とは?


World Lifeな生活

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Have you ever dreamed of being like those amazing language experts who can remember long texts effortlessly? For example, there’s a story about Schrieman, who studied the Trojan civilization and memorized everything written by the ancient Greek epic poet, Homer. Another incredible person, Peter Millward, a professor of English literature, could look at any word and tell you exactly which of Shakespeare’s works it came from and even the page it was on!

I, too, was inspired by these geniuses and wanted to memorize texts in foreign languages. However, I must confess, I never quite succeeded.

But there were a few instances where I did manage to remember some things, and they all happened when I was a high school student. I was following advice from a famous simultaneous translator who once said, “Don’t aim to memorize a text or book. However, if you end up memorizing it after repeating it many times, that’s even better.” Interestingly, in my few successful attempts, I never set out to memorize foreign texts. I simply read them repeatedly, and somehow, I ended up memorizing them.

But why did I fail to memorize longer texts or books? The simple answer is that I’m just not interested in memorizing foreign texts. When you’re not passionate about something, learning it by heart becomes increasingly unbearable and, eventually, too difficult and painful to achieve.

So, what did I enjoy? I found joy in repeating the text over and over again. I could endure it, and sometimes, I even felt a sense of happiness as I heard the words flowing from my vocal cords and out of my mouth.

Now, what about you? What do you enjoy doing? Once you figure that out, think about how you can use it to learn a foreign language. This way, you’ll have a much better chance of mastering it!

Learning a new language should be a joyful experience. Instead of forcing yourself to memorize, find the approach that brings you happiness. Who knows, you might become a language expert in your own unique way.