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https://worldlife.jp/archives/11062Hi, have you heard about Marie Kondo? She’s super famous for her Konmari method, which is a cool way to clean up and organize things. But guess what? She took a break from cleaning! Why? Well, she’s too busy with her third baby and running a business with her husband.

I sympathize with her, you know? But it got me thinking—why is cleaning so hard? Even someone like Marie Kondo, the Queen of cleaning, can’t keep things tidy all the time. Weird, isn’t it?

I figured out a reason for this mystery. It goes way back—almoust four million years! Back then, people roamed around, hunting and gathering food. No fixed homes, no need to clean up. Life was easy! (Not in all respects, needless to say)

Then, about ten thousand years ago, things changed. People started settling down, growing food, and raising animals. Suddenly, we had homes, and guess what? Messes started piling up.

But here’s what you should remember: we didn’t get a “cleaning instinct.” Our brains didn’t evolve quickly enough in those ten thousand years. It’s like being a lazy person, living a lazy life, and then being told to clean up everything on the last day of the year—no skills, no know-how!

So, it’s no wonder cleaning is tough. We don’t have that natural urge to do it. But you know, that’s okay. Don’t get discouraged. I’m a bit lazy too, but I don’t want to keep making a mess. I love having a fixed place to live. So, I’m going to give cleaning a try from now on. Wish me luck!