【World Life】とは?


World Lifeな生活
Hi there! I hope you’re doing well. I wanted to share a fun experiment I did with AI, and I think you’ll find it interesting!

Some people say that AI can’t think or reason on its own right now. But I wanted to test that idea. So, I asked AI to come up with a different way to cook broccoli without any hints from me.

You see, broccoli has different parts – a soft leafy part on top and a hard stem part below. This means they need different cooking times. Normally, we boil the stem first for about one and a half minutes, then add more water and boil the whole thing for an extra minute.

But I wanted to see if AI could suggest a different way, like boiling the whole broccoli for a minute first and then the stem part for one and a half minutes. Unfortunately, AI gave me confusing ideas, so I had to give it a hint: “Please think of a super simple way a kid could come up with to cook broccoli differently.”

Guess what? AI then came up with the exact idea I had in mind! It turns out, AI is great at processing lots of information, like words and patterns, but sometimes it needs a little help to keep things simple.

Even though AI is fantastic, human checking is still important. So, when you use ChatGPT, enjoy the experience, and remember, a little human touch makes everything better! Have fun interacting with ChatGPT in English!