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Hello! I hope you’re doing well. I want to tell you about something that happened at the beginning of the year in Japan. There was a big earthquake in the Noto peninsula, up in the north of Japan.

People all over Japan were celebrating New Year with their families or by themselves when they heard the news about the earthquake. It must have been scary for them.

I felt sad when I heard that many people couldn’t go back to their normal lives after the earthquake. Some people didn’t have proper beds to sleep on and had to sleep on cardboard instead. Can you imagine sleeping on cardboard? It must be very cold.

I was curious about how it would feel to sleep on cardboard, so I decided to try it. I found the only cardboard factory in the area and asked for a sample of big cardboard. They said I could come back in two days to get it. I was happy they agreed.

While I waited, I learned something interesting about cardboard. Have you heard of “corrugated cardboard”? It’s made up of two flat pieces of cardboard with a wavy piece in the middle. The word “corrugate” comes from an old word that means to tear or crush. So, corrugated cardboard has that wavy shape because it’s been crushed or rumpled.

I also found out that some other English words have a similar root. For example, “rough” means something that’s not smooth because it’s just been made or torn. “Rag” is what you get when you tear a piece of cloth. And “ruin” is what happens when something gets torn or crushed badly.

When I finally got the cardboard from the factory, it was big enough to sleep on. I tried sleeping on it, and it was surprisingly warm. It must be because corrugated cardboard holds onto heat well.

As a thank you to the factory workers for the cardboard, I gave them some tangerine oranges. I hoped it would be a small help for the people affected by the earthquake even in a very roundabout way.

That’s all for now. Take care!