【World Life】とは?


World Lifeな生活
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Hello everyone!
I watched a TV show called “Catch the World Top News” on NHK. They talked about small bookstores in New York. These stores are becoming more popular. They do fun things like:
Book club meetings
Serving drinks and snacks
Language quiz parties
The TV show said young people in New York are tired of screens and digital things. They want to hold real books and even smell them!
In Japan, we don’t usually see bookstores with food and drinks. But I once saw this in Canada. People were reading books and drinking in the store. It looked nice!
I wondered why young people like these small bookstores. Is it just because they don’t like digital things? I thought this was strange because NHK is digital too.
So, I looked on the internet. I found a news story from CNN. It said that young people (Generation Z) don’t want to use Amazon. They grew up with Amazon, but now they want something different.
This makes sense. NHK didn’t say this, maybe because they didn’t want to talk badly about a big company like Amazon.Do you feel the same way? Do you try not to use Amazon? It’s hard because Amazon sells both e-books and real books.
Here are two ways I avoid Amazon:
I read old, free books that Amazon doesn’t sell.
I’m thinking about writing my own book!
What do you think? Do you have any ways to avoid using Amazon?
See you next time!,