【World Life】とは?


World Lifeな生活


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Young people today reportedly watch videos, fast-forwarding, 1.5 or even 2 times as faster.

I made an experiment and watched a video this way, fast-forwarding 1.2 times faster. It took less time and was I happy? Well, not enough, because I didn’t enjoy as much as if I had watched it at the usual speed.

Why didn’t I enjoy it as much or even more, I wondered,?

I found the answer when I remembered my favorite German fantasy Momo”by Ende. People were taken in by “bank clerks” in gray, who persuaded them to save time by working as hard as , ignoring daily joys, sacrificing everything for their work. These people in gray were actually time-thieves, stealing and consuming your time. Momo, a street girl, full of charms and mysterious power, tries to save the townspeople, who are irritable and simply unhappy now and finally…

Now I knew why I couldn’t enjoy the fast-played video .

If you are to enjoy some things, you have no choice but to invest in them not only some
money but some time, too.

Aren’t the Japanese young people actually wasting or losing the time which they think they
are saving? Who is the time thief that is puffing away Japanese young people’s “saved”time?