【World Life】とは?


World Lifeな生活


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A Japanese actress once said, “You must repeat first experiences.” It’s a powerful encouragement to see or hear novel things, for it’s only too easy to get accustomed to anything, which, only too quickly, loses its fresh savor.

I made up my mind to have my first experience and had it, when I found and used the lotion and the emollient my wife uses every day in the bathroom.
Not that I wanted to wall-paint myself. It was just to prevent my skin drying up after a bath.
It felt very very funny, though.

Meanwhile my curiosity was piqued about the origin of “lotion”, so I looked into it.

Lotion is derived from the DNA LEUE meaning “wash” and related to such contemporary English words as lavatory, lavender, laundry, and launder, all of which are connected with the concept of washing in one way or another.

I did use lotion for the first time in my life, and that was worth calling “first experience”. It was great fun, and I got unexpected information, looking into the history of the word “lotion”.

To learn etymology is really fun, and it deepens your knowledge of English and helps you speak and write it better. But to realize that, you do not have to use lotion like me.