【World Life】とは?


World Lifeな生活

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Recently, something quite shocking happened to me. I was trying to park my car, and there was a lady waiting for me to get out. She must have been the driver of the car parked next to mine.
Taking some time to get out, searching for something inside the car and such, the lady grew visibly impatient. The moment I finally got out, she quickly slid into her car, slammed the door shut, and screeched out of the parking lot, leaving me stunned.

I probably should have said something like, “Sorry for the delay.” However, her obvious impatience and irritation discouraged me from doing so.
On another day in the same parking lot, I parked my car askew. The driver, seemingly having a hard time parking his car due to my less-than-perfect parking, got out.

I apologized to him, but he remained silent, his face blank, and simply walked away. Once again, I was stunned, almost terrified.

These incidents might highlight the subtle influence of the COVID-19 epidemic, where people, fearing infection, have kept their distance from each other, even avoiding everyday greetings.

Let me share another example. In my neighborhood, there is a bakery known for its delicious bread. However, the baker himself is extremely sullen and burly, raising his eyebrows if you dare to strike up a conversation.

One day, I decided to shop there without speaking, only making exaggerated gestures. To my surprise, the baker suddenly began to smile profusely. Apparently, he was pleased that I didn’t speak in his shop, though he eventually said, “You don’t have to do THAT.”

If we stop talking in our everyday lives, regardless of the reason, our social interactions would be adversely affected. Simple phrases such as “Hello, thank you, sorry, no problem” are powerful tools to make our social life smooth and pleasant.

No matter what language we speak or what challenges we may face, let’s dare to communicate!