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I watched a very long movie on DVD, approximately 6 hours long! The movie is based on a French novel called “Le Comte de Monte-Cristo” by Alexandre Dumas.

Watching the DVD made me realize that the novel is closely connected to my life, both as a tool for learning foreign languages and as a story of revenge.

Let me share these two aspects and what this work means to me.

Firstly, as a language learning tool, I have read this novel in English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian versions while preparing for foreign language proficiency tests during my student years and also after I began teaching English at school. It allowed me to experience the joy of reading in different foreign languages.

(By the way, as a side note, I noticed the differences among these versions. They weren’t always faithful to the original French version. However, the Japanese version, through which I first read this work, seemed to be a very faithful translation compared to the original. Japanese people may take great care to render translations into Japanese language meticulously, regardless of theoretical possibilities.)

Secondly, this work has fascinated me throughout my life due to its themes of injustice and revenge.

These themes resonate with me because of an unfortunate yet real incident from my youth. I may have unconsciously identified myself with the hero, who was unjustly imprisoned for 20 long years, finally escaping and seeking revenge on those responsible for his cruel imprisonment. This work feels like a significant part of my life.

The takeaway from today’s article is that as a language learning material, especially for readers, you should choose something that captivates and enthralls you so much that you can’t put it down or can’t help but read it again and again.

You may not have come across the best foreign language learning material of your life yet. But isn’t it exciting to think that you may encounter it someday?