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Hi! Today let’s talk about Japanese cooking and something interesting I read in a book (sorry, I forgot the title and author).

In Japan, there’s a special spice called the “source of taste.” It’s used in many dishes, like meat, fish, pork, beef, chicken, soup, spaghetti, and more. The book I read said that because of this spice, all Japanese dishes taste kind of the same. They lack diversity or creativity.

When I was in England during high school, I noticed something different. In England, there was always pepper and salt on the table. You could sprinkle them on your food however you liked. You got to decide how your dish would taste. I really liked that!

So, when I came back to Japan, I asked my mom to always put pepper and salt on the table. I wanted to enjoy my meals the way I did in England. But it didn’t happen because most Japanese cooking is made by chefs or someone who knows a lot about it. There’s not much room for people like me to change the basic tastes.

My attempt to change how we eat at home didn’t work, and it seems to agree with what the book said about Japanese cooking being too uniform.

The special spice, the “source of taste,” is made from seaweed and has amino acids. They now call it the “good taste condiment.” It’s not just used in Japan but also in other countries, especially in Asia.

I’m curious to know how they use it in other countries and how much they use. I’ll check that out soon. Stay tuned for more updates!