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World Lifeな生活
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I watched a TV show about Africa. The show said African countries are making good progress.

In Kenya, people use phones to shop and pay. They don’t need cash or a bank account. This is because few people in Kenya have regular phones at home, internet, or banks.

This is called “leapfrogging.” It means skipping the first steps and going straight to more advanced technology.

In remote areas of Africa, people can get medical help through video calls or drones. This is very advanced technology.

Kenya has strong environmental rules. For 10 years, it has been illegal to make plastic bags. If you break this rule, you might have to pay $30,000 or go to jail for 4 years!

Africa also has a young population. In 2050, 1 out of every 4 people in the world will be African. The average age in Kenya is only 18 years old, compared to 48 years old in Japan.

Many young Africans study at universities in Western countries. When they finish school, they may become leaders in their home countries.
The show made Africa’s future sound very good. But on searching some other sources, I found some problems too.

First, you cannot “leapfrog” everything. African countries still need basic things like water, transportation, and roads.

Second, Africa needs educated workers, good leaders, and good governments. AfterMr. Mandela a world-famous leader in South Africa, died, lots of other leaders tried to get rich instead of helping their countries.

Even with these problems, I think we should keep learning about the progress in Africa. We can learn through English information.

See you next time!