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While I was studying in the USA nearly 50 years ago, I was asked the following question by the two American students.
“Don’t you think that he is weird?” Here “he” referred to two different guys.

Honestly, I was mystified at the time, for, to my mind, America was a nation of diversity. I couldn’t believe anyone would criticize another for being weird, or very different. Did I happen to encounter two people who would do that?

Recently I read “the Art of Choosing”by Ms. Iyengar, and that was an eye-opener.
In this book, she wrote about a psychological research, according to which Americans are happy if told that they belong to a minority, but unhappy if told they belong to a majority, and still unhappier if told they are so unique they are beyond classification.

Ms.Iyengar concludes that Americans want to be different enough that they can stand out, but not so different that they run the risk of being isolated.

Now my experience makes more sense. Her book made me realize that Americans like (others) to be different, and even very different, but not too different. Those two questioners of mine may have been criticizing another for being too different.

If you have read this article of mine, you can see that studying abroad is really fun. Because you can enjoy the experience on the spot, and later enjoy it again in your mind by remembering it and by reinterpreting it as I have done.

I hope the day will come very soon when you can study abroad just like before Corona.