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Have you ever heard of or even installed a free “cleaning app” in your cellphone? If you have, you are already familiar with its annoying mischief.

Clean your cellphone. It’s full of garbage, it says, and if you do as you are told, it says again, “Your smartphone is now filled with the garbage produced by the cleaning itself. We recommend to you a still more powerful cleaner.” You get it free, and use it…yet more garbage, and still stronger cleaner is recommended. You become so busy cleaning you have no time left to search, text, or telephone. I thought of getting a new android.

At a loss, I went to a SB shop, asking for professional help.
Then my trouble was gone right away!

One of the staff told me that those kinds of seemingly innocent apps are rampant these days, and that elderly people like me are their easy prey. I was flabbergasted and wondered who might be behind this.

I reasoned like this: Crimes are committed by those who benefit from them. Who is to gain from these stupid apps?

I had to visit an SB shop, and eventually they said, “Do you like this?” “ Do you like that?”
I might have bought a new smartphone or something else.

Maybe, people in the information and communication sector, like SB, AU,Dokomo, are involved. Remember, these apps are not illegal, so you could make them and spread them with impunity.

You can’t be careful enough in cleaning.

See you soon!