【World Life】とは?


World Lifeな生活


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I was dumbfounded at the news:
The minister of justice resigned because of his bad joke.
Can a joke be a sufficient reason for a minister to resign? I wondered.

In Japan it IS difficult to tell jokes, which I know from my experience.When I asked at the office for leave of absence on account of my serious tumor, and told a joke, they asked me to hand over a medical certificate, which they rarely do.

Even children seem to be victims of this no joking society.If you ask them to make any sentence expressing unrealizable wish, all they can produce is, probably, something like,

I wish I had a larger room of my own
I wish I had a bigger allowance every month.

Lack of imagination is glaringly evident.

Now let’s do something about it. I have an idea. You learn English, why not take advantage of it? Suppose you tell jokes in English, or lie in English. You can say almost anything with impunity as long as it is said in English.

George Orwell once said,
Every joke is a tiny revolution.
Why not make such a revolution?