【World Life】とは?


World Lifeな生活


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I saw a monkey show at a tourist spot near Mt Fuji. There was a monkey doing various tricks. Moved by his skill and cleverness, I put more coins into the hat the trainer passed around.

Then I remembered what a famous animal researcher says in his book. Frans de Val, an eminent authority on monkeys once witnessed some monkeys acting out a party scene dressed like a human family on the stage before a large holidaying audience. The apes looked completely idiotic, spilling drinks everywhere, grabbing food and throwing it to each other, crying at the top of their wildest voice. The audience were clapping and hooraying wildly.

He muses, however: “Apes just don’t do such things, at least unless provoked. We should know each animal is intelligent in its own way. You can’t judge them from a human point of view.” This recollection worked like an eye-opener.

The monkey I saw may have worked very hard in his own way, but even if he had, what looked like a difficult trick to us, may actually be very easy for him, and vice versa.
If I had remembered his comments a little earlier, I might have put a little less coins in the hat circulated after the show.