【World Life】とは?


World Lifeな生活

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On a recent trip to Takarazuka, the place where the famous all-female musical shows began, I noticed something interesting. Many women and girls there walk confidently and energetically, like actors on a stage.

Interestingly, if you told these women about their walk, they might not agree.
According to new ideas in behavioral economics, which studies how people act without realizing it, it’s not surprising to see this in a town known for its special music shows.

For instance, Dr. Kahneman, a Nobel laureate in economics, found that if people read words about getting old, like “old” or “frail,” they start walking slower and bending forward, even if they don’t notice.

Learning about these secret influences on behavior is changing how we think about ourselves. Instead of having just one personality, we might have many.
What do you think about this new idea? Is it easy to believe? Can you think of yourself as not just one person, but a bunch of different people? Even I had a hard time accepting this at first. But this way of thinking about ourselves could change how we understand people and how they fit into society.

No matter what, reading books can change how we see the world, and even change society. So let’s read lots of books, especially ones that haven’t been translated into Japanese yet.