【World Life】とは?


World Lifeな生活

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Hello! I hope you’re doing well and having a good day. I want to tell you a story about a train incident that happened last winter in the Kansai area. It’s a bit like a little adventure!

So, last winter, there was a train accident in Kansai. The people on the train had to wait for a very long time because something went wrong. It was freezing, and they felt very thirsty and hungry. Eventually, they had to leave the train and walk for miles to catch another train, all while it was cold and rainy.

Not too long ago, my train suddenly stopped, and we heard an announcement that there was a problem up ahead, just like what happened in Kansai. This made a lot of passengers, including me, feel worried. We waited for a while, and the same announcement kept playing over and over. We all became more and more anxious.

But guess what? After less than an hour, the train started moving again, and the problem was fixed. I started thinking about how an American person might have reacted in a similar situation. I thought they might have complained loudly, but when the train started moving, they would probably cheer and raise their fist in the air.

I even asked my American friend about it, and she agreed with me. Now, here’s the interesting part: the Japanese passengers on my train were very quiet. They didn’t complain when the train stopped, and they didn’t cheer when it started again.

The reason I’m telling you all this is because it’s essential to think about your behavior when you learn a foreign language. I believe that your language and your actions, like gestures, posture, and how you express your feelings, should match each other. It would be challenging, if not impossible, to speak English while acting very Japanese, just as it would be tough to speak Japanese while acting like an American.

Learning a language is more than just words and grammar; it’s about your whole personality. So, if you want to get better at a foreign language, like English, remember to pay attention not only to how you speak but also to how you act and feel. I wish you lots of success in your language learning journey!