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Hello there!

I want to share a story from about 40 years ago when I went on a goodwill cruise trip to some countries in Southeast Asia like India and Singapore. I was part of a group sent by the Japanese government of about 200 young people from Japan and other Asian countries. I joined the group to improve my English.

Traveling by boat takes a long time. We spent days, even weeks, on the sea, and when we reached a port, we had busy days filled with events like receptions, ceremonies, visits, and parties.

One of the most memorable experiences was when we stayed with families in Mumbai (then called Bombay). As our bus drove through the city, I saw tall skyscrapers towering over clusters of shabby cardboard houses. Children approached us at every stop, trying to sell us things like flowers and pictures. They even fought over leftover food from our lunch boxes.

I stayed with a family near the port for one night. My host father picked me up on his bike, and we went to his house together. Unfortunately, their shower didn’t work, so I couldn’t bathe. They served me curry and kept asking if it was too spicy for me.

When I returned to the ship, we shared stories about our homestays. One girl amazed us with her story about staying with a family who were very wealthy. Her host father was the president of a big oil company, and her host mother was the daughter of a famous Indian filmmaker. They had many servants and cars, and she even attended a fancy party with diplomats.

Recently, I read a book called “Factfulness” which made me think about how the world has changed. The author, Professor Rosling, says that many people still have outdated views about the world. He explains that most of the world, including India, is now considered developed, with only a few countries still considered developing. He also mentions that extreme poverty in India has decreased significantly over the years.

If what Professor Rosling says is true, then we need to update our understanding of the world.