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Hello there!

I used to teach English to kids, and I then had a special motto that I held dear: I wanted to make sure as few kids as possible dislike English. I believe it’s important that students don’t get tired of a subject like English, because if they do, they might end up disliking it and missing out on the chance to enjoy it in the future.

I found a helpful book called “Seven Kinds of Smart.” It taught me about different types of intelligence and how students might not enjoy a subject if it doesn’t match their intelligence type. The book advised me to pay attention to my students’ different types of intelligence so they wouldn’t end up hating English.

So, I tried to teach in a way that would suit many different types of students. For example:

For students who love music, I introduced an English song each month and we sang it together, even if they didn’t understand all the words.
For students who are good with people, I created card games that encouraged learning through social interaction.
For students who are good with their bodies, I made exercises that involved moving around, like acting out grammar points or letting them stand up during lessons.

How were your English classes at school when you were younger? Did your teachers pay attention to different types of intelligence and try different teaching methods like mine? If not, you might need to be patient or lucky to avoid getting tired of English or any other subject.

Keep up the good work!