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I want to share something cool about learning a foreign language, or anything really.

You know, I’ve always been interested in learning English by using it directly, without translating. And not just English, but also learning other subjects in English too. But here in Japan, there aren’t many schools like that or “bilingual schools” as they are usually called here in Japan as well as abroad.

I think I know why. It’s probably really hard to start these kinds of schools here. There aren’t many teachers who can teach English and other subjects in English, and there aren’t many good books for it either.

But guess what? In Brazil, they have lots of schools where they teach subjects like English, Spanish, and even Japanese (and other subjects in respective language)! Can you believe it? There are about 1,300 of these “bilingual” schools in Brazil, and lots of students graduate from them every year.

I was wondering why there are so many of these schools in Brazil but not many in Japan. Don’t you think it would be hard to start these schools in Brazil too?

I think I found the answer when I read about a study done by a researcher in Brazil. She asked students at one of these bilingual schools which language they found harder: Japanese or English? I thought most of them would say Japanese, but only about 60% did!

So, I think the schools in Brazil are maybe not as strict as the ones in Japan. Maybe they’re more relaxed and not as focused on being perfect. In Brazil, students might not have to worry as much about difficult things like Chinese characters or formal Japanese. That might make learning Japanese easier for them.

I think I saw an example of this when I watched a video about a bilingual school in Brazil. They were learning Kendo, a Japanese martial art, but they didn’t have all the special gear like they do in Japan. They were using improvised swords and weren’t wearing the usual uniforms. In Japan, we’d never do that!

So, to sum it up: in Japan, we try really hard to make everything perfect, but sometimes it’s so hard that we can’t even start. In Brazil, they’re more relaxed, and maybe that helps students learn better.

Hey, do you think maybe we’re too focused on being perfect sometimes? It’s okay to make mistakes, you know. Everyone does!

Keep learning and having fun,