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A Super Fast English Song

I was an English teacher, but I found an English song that was too fast for me to sing along to! I had to sing it with my choir group.
This was really surprising because as an English teacher, I should be able to handle fast English pronunciation. But this song was just too quick!
So I tried a special trick – if something is very fast and hard, practice something even faster! I found a super fast Japanese song called “Idol” by the group Yoasobi. Luckily, they sing it in both Japanese and English versions.
While practicing the English version every day, I noticed some techniques the singers must use to sing so incredibly fast.

Joining words together, like “thenext”
Shortening long vowel sounds, like singing “seem” as “sim”
Removing vowels, so “been able to” sounds like “bnblt”!
Changing where the stress is, like stressing “LIGHt”

Practicing this ultra-fast singing is actually kind of fun! You should try it too. Find a fast Japanese song that also has an English version and sing along.
If an older person sings a song popular with young people, they might really enjoy it. But what if the song is in English? Will people love it, hate it, or not care?
I’m not sure, but I want to try singing “Idol” in English in front of a big audience! Let’s see what happens.
See you next time!

◯”Idol” English Ver.

◯”BlueEnglish Ver.