【World Life】とは?


World Lifeな生活

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These days, quite unknowingly, I was overwhelmed by the difference in the number of the readers my articles have compared to those of many other writers who are far more famous and intelligent than I.

I almost started to believe that, with so few followers or people who “like” me, I am worth very little.
Fortunately, however, I came across a book by Hannah Arendt, a Jewish political philosopher, in which she discusses the scarcity in the modern world of diverse perspectives through which people view each other. She adds that it is only when seen or heard by a wide range of different people that you truly feel that you exist.

Her pages gave me an opportunity to reexamine not only my feelings depression and despair but also my preconceptions and unconscious assumptions. Now I believe that every individual is a unique human existence that cannot be simplistically compared, for instance, based on the number of the “likes” or “followers” one accumulates through social media.

I hope you will also have the chance to encounter a similarly enlightening book.