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拡大を狙わないsmall business<英語版>

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Recently, I watched a TV show called Close-up Gendai. The show said that many small businesses are starting in Japan, and they are doing well.

The show explained a few reasons why small businesses are popular now. Small businesses are easy to start because they are small in size. You can use a special skill you have, and you don’t need a lot of money or space to begin. Since you are the boss, you can pay yourself as little or as much as you want! Small businesses cost less money than big businesses where you have to worry more about money.

Normally, people think being small is bad for a business. But these small businesses are using their small size in a good way. They are not trying to get bigger. The small business owners say they are happy if they can just stay in business and not fail.
At first, I thought this sounded like giving up. Don’t they want to be very successful? Don’t they have big dreams?

But maybe they do have big dreams, just in a different way. They want to be excellent at their special craft or skill, not excellent at business itself. For example, they may want to bake the most delicious pizza, or make the most beautiful tiny dolls, or give the best legal advice. They care more about mastering their craft than about making a lot of money.

This idea of focusing deeply on your craft is not new in Japan. Japanese people have long appreciated very fine craftsmanship in small arts like pottery, calligraphy, flower arranging and tea ceremony items. Even good manners are seen as a craft to perfect carefully. Athletes are praised for their polite behavior as much as their athletic skills.

I hope Japanese people will continue to pursue this tendency of intense focus and concentration on mastering their crafts. Even if it may sometimes seem obsessive, it can lead to meaningful work.