【World Life】とは?


World Lifeな生活

本日の記事のおおまかな英語版。字幕を読んでから英語を聞く洋画風に読める.. 世界へ伝える日本の一面をあなたにも。

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Today, I would like to recommend to you a superb English textbook, “English through pictures.” As its title suggests, this book helps you learn English by means of pictures alone, without a single word of Japanese.

When you take a look at this book, however,  you may feel that the amount of visuals is not enough, but I believe that this is about the right amount. Rather, to my mind, today’s learners are too used to enormous amount of visual aids, but you don’t learn from visuals, they are something incidental, nothing essential.

This book, reminding me how my own junior high teacher of English taught me, made me reflect on what would be the best way to teach English like. My teacher at that time taught us English, drawing similar simple cartoons on the blackboard, and rarely translating into Japanese. And the atmosphere of the classroom was very good, with the relationship between the teacher and us students always being friendly.

This book is suitable for learners of all levels. I highly recommend this book to you.


Socrates, the ancient Greek philosopher, tells you about the most important thing when learning in general. According to the Proust and the Squid, he seems to imply that in learning, the essential thing is serious discussion by two people, encountering as human beings, and not the visual aids or even written words you read in a book. What would he say, if he saw learning materials you use today, filled to the brim with visual aids, colorful and often electric, the good rapport between the teacher and the learner slighted, perhaps.