【World Life】とは?


World Lifeな生活

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I was still in two minds whether I would finally get a car navigation gadget even after a bitter experience of failing to reach my destination twice, driving back home exhausted and miserable either time.
I was not sure if I could choose a good one and manage to actually use it. Anyway I was running out of time, I had to drive again to a distant unfamiliar city in a few days.

Then I was reminded of a passage from Sapience by Prof. Harari, who is my intellectual hero:

The human brain seems to have downsized, because modern people have got used to convenient and easy life-styles and no longer need an enormous amount of knowledge and skill, like our ancestors millions of years ago did when they changed their dwellings regularly, collecting berries and fruits and hunting, or being hunted by, wild beasts.

A lot of children these days are reported not to be able to make hand movements required to turn faucets, dials, channels, door knobs, which are no more.

If you should continue to use an electronic navigating device, you are a stranger forever no matter where you go, never learning to reach your destination for yourself.
This must stop! I though and made up my mind not to buy a car navigation gadget in a hurry, but, instead, to make another exertion to reach my new destination for myself, alone.

Did I make it? You’ll hear from me soon!