【World Life】とは?


World Lifeな生活

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At the welcome-home party for the exchange students, of which I was one, I approached the Dean of Sophia University, my alma mater, and made a bold request: “Please consider establishing a fine arts and music department at Sophia.”

During my time in the United States, I came to realize that for a university to truly embody the concept of universality, it should include a fine arts and music department.

To my surprise, the Dean responded, “Why don’t you come to my office and discuss this further?” I must confess, though, that I never seized the opportunity to visit him.

Regret fills my heart, and tears well up as I repeatedly ponder what could have transpired.

Oh, how I long for the chance to have engaged in a meaningful conversation, forged personal connections, and cultivated fruitful relationships. The untapped potential weighs heavily on my conscience.

However, my tears do not solely stem from the missed opportunity.

Upon reflection, I recognize that, all things considered, I have been fortunate enough to encounter more opportunities than I have missed. For instance, I had the privilege of studying abroad, especially during a time when the value of the yen appreciated significantly.

I mustn’t disregard the blessings I have received.

Moreover, dwelling on regret serves no purpose. It is always too late to lament what could have been.

Instead, let us cease mourning missed opportunities and, even after failing to grasp the fleeting hand of luck, let us strive to count our blessings.