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Hi there!

I want to share a cool story about learning languages with you today.

Have you memorized any English words or sentences or even a whole text? Have you tried saying that out loud in front of others?

I’m asking because I found out how important and helpful it is to do that, and I’ll tell you about two times it happened to me.

First, I sang a song with a group. We formed a temporary Christmas choir in our city. After practicing together five times, we sang three gospel songs in a hall with 600 people on Christmas Eve. I even had a solo part with high notes! It felt great to memorize and sing the lyrics in front of everyone.

The second time, I recited a memorized text at home on New Year’s Day, but it wasn’t in English; it was the Heart Sutra in Sanskrit.

Why Sanskrit and the Heart Sutra? I’m a language enthusiast, and knowing that the Heart Sutra, a famous text in Japan, was originally in Sanskrit fascinated me. The message about everything being void also caught my interest.

It took me months to memorize the sutra, but after successfully reciting it in front of my family, I felt proud and happy. I became more brave and self-confident, just like after the Christmas concert. But I also felt that I could now see myself more objectively and calmly. When you do things alone, like learning a language, you might become too self-satisfied or less critical of yourself. By sharing with others, you can see yourself more clearly.
But I have to add in passing that my family, after listening to the Sutra attentively even for two minutes on the New Year’s Day, looked a little tired, to say the least. I sympathize with them and thank them for listening to me.
I hope you try something similar, like memorizing your favorite English text and saying it to others. It will give you more courage, confidence, and a better understanding of yourself.
See you again soon!